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Waste-free World Finalist



On current trends nearly 40 percent of the world's population could experience “water stress” by 2050. Climate change and population growth are already driving shortages across the world

WOTA, a Japanese start-up, wants to improve water security for everyone, everywhere

The company’s technology purifies wastewater on site, meaning it can be used over and over. By improving circulation and reducing waste, it can ease global water stress.

Founded in 2014, WOTA’s unique water recycling system turns more than 98 percent of wastewater into fresh water. A fraction of the size of a typical water treatment plant, WOTA BOX is over 50 times more efficient and can be delivered at scale. Plus, installation requires no existing infrastructure.

The result means less wastewater pollution in lakes, rivers and other freshwater ecosystems, as well as reduced water scarcity in times of drought. The only invention of its kind, WOTA BOX could change the world. 

The company’s long term hope is to develop products that are lower cost than existing water infrastructure, so they can be reasonably implemented in any region, including developing countries. The WOTA team hopes to make its technology as common as power generators. If it succeeds, it could help save the world from a water stressed future.

In the time since becoming an Earthshot Prize Finalist, the team have enjoyed inbound requests from around the world, begun a new partnership with Antigua & Barbuda and are on track to launch pilot projects in multiple countries.

They are also in ongoing discussions with their home government in Japan about introducing WOTA to rural parts of the country, with some projects already underway this year.


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