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Revive our

By 2030, we choose to
repair and preserve our oceans
for future generations.

Oceans graphic

Warmer temperatures, pollution and harmful fishing practices are having devastating impacts on the ocean, putting life underwater in jeopardy.

But this decade we can choose to make our ocean healthy.

We refuse to accept a world where turtles, dolphins and coral reefs vanish from our seas. We choose to bring forward a new era where everyone uses the ocean sustainably.

We will award The Earthshot Prize to the most outstanding efforts to meet this challenge.

To the innovators who revolutionise our understanding of life underwater; to the leaders who end criminal and unsustainable fishing practices; and to the technologists and communities who work to preserve our coastlines and show us how to remove pollution from the ocean on a global scale.

We choose a future where our children can enjoy the ocean for years to come, and where the ocean can continue to sustain and enrich all life on Earth.

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