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Revive our Oceans


Square kilometres of oceans protected by 2021 Finalists Pristine Seas


Coral grown and outplanted by 2021 Winners Coral Vita


Funding provided by DP World to Coral Vita and Living Seawalls to scale their impact

Featured Finalist Impact

Sam Teicher and Gator Halpern stand at Coral Vita tank

Coral Vita

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Their Mission

Unless action is taken, by 2050, ocean warming and acidification is on course to destroy 90 per cent of the world’s coral reefs. Coral Vita, the world’s first commercial land-based coral farm, gives new life to dying marine ecosystems. It incorporates cutting-edge methods to grow coral up to 50 times faster than nature and improve its resilience to the impact of climate change.

Use of Prize Money

Funding from The Earthshot Prize has helped Coral Vita finance its first major restoration project off the coast of Grand Bahama. The team has made new hires, including additional Bahamian staff, expanded investment in R&D, and upgraded its equipment. In addition, the money has helped fund the new ‘Earthshot Happy Tank’ which allows Coral Vita to optimise conditions like temperature, acidity, light, and water flow.

Key Milestones

Coral Vita was hired amongst a team of restoration experts to develop what will be the world’s largest coral restoration project at NEOM, Saudi Arabia. The culmination of this work over 18 months led to Coral Vita being hired to operate the farm’s first phase in the first ever significant commercial contract of its kind. The coral nursery, which will revitalise reefs around Shushah Island, will be the largest and most advanced facility for coral restoration in the world

Environmental and Social Impact

Since winning The Earthshot Prize, Coral Vita has grown around 20,000 corals and outplanted over 15,000 across multiple restoration sites in Grand Bahama, with some areas experiencing a twofold increase in fish populations compared to pre-restoration surveys.

Connections Made

At the 2021 Earthshot Prize Innovation Showcase in Dubai, Global Alliance Founding Partner DP World granted £500k in funding to Coral Vita. This has allowed the team team to expand globally, laying the foundations of the first land-based coral farm in the United Arab Emirates. Global Alliance member Deloitte provided consulting support to Coral Vita to refine its operating model to help it scale more effectively and have greater impact over the coming years .

Finalist Highlights


During the 2022 Earthshot Prize Innovation Showcase in Dubai, Global Alliance Founding Partner DP World committed £500,000 ($630,000) to Living Seawalls to fund the design and installation of a new Living Seawall in Peru.

In September 2022, Pristine Seas became a partner of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Bloomberg Ocean Initiative, receiving a funding commitment of almost $10m (£8.9m) over four years, supporting the team’s efforts to protect 30 per cent of seas by 2030.

Support and Connections

Global Alliance Member Arup has supported Living Seawalls with introductions leading to a new UK licensing arrangement and creating opportunities for further expansion across Europe.

Herbert Smith Freehills has provided the SeaForester team with crucial pro bono legal support to help it enter into contracts with corporate sponsors looking to support and develop SeaForester’s work.

Key Milestones

This year four new Living Seawalls installations have been completed. There are now more than 2,500 habitat panels globally, and soon they will be present in five continents.

The Pristine Seas team embarked on a new five-year global expedition, with a mission to explore and document regions of the western Pacific Ocean. While The Great Bubble Barrier has launched its third Bubble Barrier in Vila Do Conde, Portugal. This is its first Bubble Barrier outside the Netherlands.

Environmental and Social

Since becoming Finalists, the first two cohorts in the Revive our Oceans category have collectively protected and restored over 20,000 square kilometres of ocean, removed tonnes of plastic from rivers, and directly reached thousands of people.

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