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How We Search for Solutions

Each year, The Earthshot Prize searches the globe for game-changing solutions to our five Earthshots.

This search is guided by our Roadmap, an extensive plan informed by expert advisors and the latest scientific understanding. It outlines the criteria we believe are needed to uncover solutions with the greatest potential for positive impact.

The Roadmap acts as an important guide for our Nominators. Using their extensive environmental networks, these organisations work across all countries and sectors, from grassroots and Indigenous communities to businesses and governments, to find and nominate the most impactful solutions.

By leveraging the power of our network of Nominators, we can tap into the best knowledge and experience available. This enables us to seek out the projects and initiatives that are already having a positive impact and have huge potential to scale this impact around the world through growth or replication.

Our Nominator Network

  • 432Nominators
    based in
  • 75Countries

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Global coverage

By submitting a nomination to The Earthshot Prize, our Nominators are advocating for the people on the ground driving change all over the world, who deserve recognition and support for the incredible work they do to repair our planet.

Once nominations are received, they undergo a rigorous screening and assessment process before we select our fifteen Finalists and five winners.

How We Select Finalists and Winners


When are you accepting Nominations for 2024?

The Earthshot Prize will be accepting nominations from 19 September to 15 December 2023.

How do I get nominated for The Earthshot Prize?

Some of our Official Nominators are happy to accept proposals from the public for consideration.

If you would like to submit your Solution for consideration to an Official Nominator, you can view which of our Nominators are accepting public proposals on this page.

If I'd like to be a Nominator, what do I do?

The opportunity to be an Official Nominator for The Earthshot Prize is by invitation only.

If you would like to be considered as a Nominator, find out more here and get in touch.

The Earthshot Prize