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How We Select Finalists and Winners

To give us the best chance of finding solutions that will have the biggest impact requires prioritisation.

Providing this focus is our Roadmap, which identifies 15 Priority Areas of Interest – three per Earthshot. In addition, we assess nominations against 5 Cross-cutting Enablers that potential solutions might adopt, and 4 Key Filters that stand to significantly accelerate their impact.

With particular focus on nominees with potential for global impact, that represent diversity and are mature enough to rapidly scale ensures our Finalists and Winners will make a vital difference.

Nominations selected against

15Priority Areas of Interest

5Enabling Approaches

4Key Filters

Who selects the Finalists and Winners?

From the 1000+ nominations we receive each year, a shortlist is assessed in conjunction with our Expert Advisory Panel, a diverse group of global experts representing a range of environmental disciplines.

This extensive experience allows them to make informed decisions on which nominations show the greatest potential for positive impact and recommend those to be put forward as our 15 Finalists.

The final five Winners, one per Earthshot, are ultimately chosen in a judging session by our prestigious Earthshot Prize Council, a global group of world-renowned individuals committed to championing positive environmental action.

Each year’s winners are then celebrated at our annual Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony.

The Awards
The Earthshot Prize