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Clean Our Air

By 2030, we choose to ensure that everyone breathes clean, healthy air – at world health organisation standard or better

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Millions of people all over the world breathe toxic air every day, causing countless deaths that could be prevented.

We refuse to accept this – clean air and healthy lives are within our reach.

We choose to end outdated transport that emits toxic fumes, remove pollution from the air using both technology and nature, and eliminate the burning of fossil fuels, choosing 100% renewable energy for everyone – from big cities to rural villages.

We will award The Earthshot Prize to the most outstanding efforts to meet this challenge. To the innovators who create job opportunities in green transport and clean energy; to the businesses who remove more pollution from the air than they put into it; and to the organisations who let us heat our homes, travel to work and feed our families without polluting the air that we breathe.

How we search for solutions

Creating impact

Just some of the impact our Clean our Air Finalists have had so far.

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835,000people now breathing cleaner air thanks to Mukuru Clean Stoves

23,000tonnes of CO2e emissions prevented by AMPD Energy

$24Mraised by Roam to scale its production of electric vehicles

The Earthshot Prize