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and Restore

by 2030, we choose to ensure that, for the first time in human history, the natural world is growing – not shrinking – on our planet

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Species all over the world face extinction as their homes are destroyed, but destroying nature threatens our lives too.

Forests and natural land are vital to human health and happiness, helping to prevent global warming and producing oxygen that we breathe. We must act now to protect our future.

We choose to repair and preserve the habitats that our animals need to live, from rainforests and grasslands, to wetlands, lakes and rivers.

We will award The Earthshot Prize to the most outstanding efforts to meet this challenge.

To the conservationists who work to fight against logging, deforestation and mass land clearing for agriculture; to the landowners who create job opportunities for people who look after natural land; and to the entrepreneurs who help scale nature’s own solutions for restoration that will secure the health and safety of generations to come.

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The Earthshot Prize