How We Search

Each year, The Earthshot Prize launches a global search for the innovative solutions to our five Earthshots. We scour the globe for the breakthrough solutions that can solve the biggest environmental challenges, whilst mentoring the inspiring individuals and groups behind them to accelerate their impact.

Nominations can be from any country or any sector. They can represent not for profit, foundations, investment, corporate, academic, governmental and community led organisations. We are looking for people united by our common aim – repairing and regenerating the planet.

Nominators by Region

  • 345Nominators
  • 80Countries

Scouring the Globe in 2020

We have been on the hunt for this year’s nominations since the start of 2022. Working with our International nominators, we’ve searched the world over for the solutions that we believe will have the most impact in repairing the planet.

345 nominators from 80 countries have helped us identify a diverse group of more than 1,000 innovative solutions – a huge 30% increase on last year.

As the Prize process continues, we are so excited to learn more about these initiatives and the work they are doing the world over.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 2150
United States of America Acumen Fund
United States of America Advaita Capital
Chile Advanced Conservation Strategies – Capital Azul
South Africa Africa Climate Reality Project
Kenya Africa Group of Negotiators Expert Support (AGNES)

How Nominators are selected

The Earthshot Prize’s Official Nominators have been selected for their ability to identify the most impactful solutions to the five Earthshots.

Spanning the globe, our nominators have sight of work being carried out across a breadth of sectors, geographies and communities placing them in the best position to access the most inspiring solutions out there.

Our nominators include our Global Alliance; a network of organisations committed to environmental action and who share the ambitions of The Earthshot Prize.

By leveraging the power of this network, we are tapping into the best knowledge and experience available to help us find the solutions that will repair the planet.


All nominations undergo a rigorous screening and assessment process before we select our five winners of The Earthshot Prize.

The process prioritises solutions that have moved beyond ideation, those that have working prototypes or proven effectiveness and those that are ready to be scaled at speed.

Nominations are assessed in terms of the inspiring stories behind them, their inclusivity, their equity and benefits for humankind. We assess them based on the impact they can have on the Earthshots and the ability of this impact to be scaled.

The Earthshot Prize