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Each year, The Earthshot Prize launches a global search for innovative solutions to our five Earthshots.

Working alongside our network of Nominators, we scour the globe for breakthrough solutions that can solve the biggest environmental challenges, whilst mentoring the inspirational innovators behind them to accelerate their impact.

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Use the filters below to find Nominators serving particular regions and those that are accepting public proposals.

Please note: Nominations for 2023 are now closed.

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About Our Nominators

The Earthshot Prize’s Nominators are selected for their ability to identify the most impactful solutions to the five Earthshots.

We look for organisations united by our common aim – repairing and regenerating the planet. They represent not-profit, foundations, investment, corporate, academic, governmental and community led organisations.

Our Nominators include our Global Alliance; a network of organisations committed to environmental action and who share the ambitions of The Earthshot Prize. By leveraging the power of this network, we are tapping into the best knowledge and experience available to help us find the solutions that will repair the planet.

Nomination Screening

All nominations undergo a rigorous screening and assessment process before we select our five winners of The Earthshot Prize.

The selection process prioritises solutions that have moved beyond ideation, those that have working prototypes or proven effectiveness and those that are ready to be scaled at speed.

Nominations are assessed in terms of the inspiring stories behind them, their inclusivity, their equity and benefits for humankind. We assess them based on the impact they can have on the Earthshots and the ability of this impact to be scaled.


How do Nominators find solutions?

Nominators seek out innovations and projects to nominate by making use of their environmental networks, through proactive searches, or by encouraging innovators with solutions to put their proposals to them directly.

You can view which of our Official Nominators are accepting public proposals on this page.

How do I get nominated for The Earthshot Prize?

Some of our Official Nominators are happy to accept proposals from the public for consideration.

If you would like to submit your Solution for consideration to an Official Nominator, you can view which of our Nominators are accepting public proposals on this page.

Why do you use Nominators?

By ensuring that our Nominators represent all geographies, environmental topics and sectors of society, diversity is embedded into our nominations process. Using a cohort of expert Nominators also means that The Earthshot Prize receives highly impactful nominations, because we tap into a global network of expertise and experience.

This enables us to seek out the projects and initiatives that are already having a positive impact and have huge potential to scale this impact around the world through growth or replication.

By submitting a nomination to The Earthshot Prize, our Nominators are advocating for the people on the ground driving change all over the world, who deserve recognition and support for the incredible work they do to repair our planet.

If I'd like to be a Nominator, what do I do?

The opportunity to be an Official Nominator for The Earthshot Prize is by invitation only. However, we are happy to take suggestions for future Nominators who share our values to repair the planet, and also have the networks and potential to identify the most impactful, inclusive and inspirational solutions to the Earthshots from all over the globe.

If you would like to be considered as a Nominator, please get in touch at

The Earthshot Prize