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Clean Our
2023 Finalist


ENSO creates tyres specially designed for electric vehicles that are more sustainable and reduce harmful tyre pollution, leading to cleaner air for everyone.

Tyres keep the world moving, but they come with an environmental cost. Their constant friction on roads releases harmful particulate matter, which results in invisible air pollution that’s especially dangerous in cities. Enter ENSO, a more sustainable tyre company gaining international traction.

With 1.5 billion vehicles on the road across the globe, the impact of tyres on air pollution is staggering. Globally, tyres emit six million tonnes of pollution each year and more airborne particulate matter than all tailpipes combined. In London for example, 2.6 million vehicles emit an astonishing 9,000 tonnes of tyre dust each year. These micro-pollutants, when inhaled, increase the risk of health conditions like heart disease, asthma and other ailments.

The world needs electric vehicles. They help combat climate change and eliminate harmful tailpipe pollution. But all vehicles, including electric ones, run on tyres that wear down and generate air pollution.

ENSO's Solution

ENSO – which means “circle” in Japanese – was founded by entrepreneur Gunnlaugur Erlendsson to solve this very problem. ENSO is on a mission to deliver better tyres for electric vehicles, combining innovation with a disruptive business model to make its low-emission tyres accessible to all.

In contrast to conventional tyres, ENSO’s tyres are precisely calibrated to enhance durability and reduce particulate pollution by 35%. And while most tyres are also inefficient, which can limit the range of electric vehicles, ENSO’s tyres are specifically designed to increase range by 10%.

Their Impact

ENSO is the only tyre company in the world that is a Certified B-Corporation, a strong recognition of its commitment to environmental, social, and governance standards. Advancing tyre innovation is at the heart of ENSO’s mission. Its ultra- efficient tyres extend vehicle range, reducing carbon emissions, energy use and costs, while their durable compounds tackle a major source of air and microplastic pollution.

ENSO’s tyres are already rolling in London on iconic black cabs and electric delivery fleets, and they have plans to expand to North America next year. Eager to amplify their impact, ENSO aims to manufacture over one million low-emission tyres annually by 2026.

ENSO proves it is possible to reinvent the wheel to make our air cleaner for all.

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