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2023 Finalist
Revive Our

Coastal 500


A global network of mayors and local government leaders, Coastal 500 is restoring ocean habitats and advocating for coastal protection internationally.

Ocean coastlines are crucial hubs of life and biodiversity, essential for our planet’s health. But overfishing, pollution and rising temperatures threaten to destroy these vital ecosystems and the livelihoods of coastal communities.

Coastal waters represent only six percent of the ocean’s surface, but they are home to roughly 70% of all ocean biodiversity. A vast array of animals live among coral reefs, kelp, mangroves and sea grasses. These shores are also home to millions of people, whose villages, towns and cities flourish on the adjacent land, nourished by the sea.

But coastal threats abound. Sewage, plastic, and industrial chemicals pollute the water. Ocean acidification bleaches coral reefs a ghostly white, and unsustainable fishing decimates fish populations. Each of these elements further contributes to the climate crisis. If we lose coastal habitats, we not only lose their capacity to absorb CO2, but also the livelihoods of coastal populations, whose fishers return home with empty nets.

Coastal 500's Solution

Launched by non-profit Rare, and led by Rocky Sanchez Tirona, Coastal 500 is a global network of mayors and local leaders who have come together to protect the world’s coastlines. Its 164 members represent eight developing countries and 1.6 million people living near coastlines across the tropics, including some of the communities most at risk from climate change worldwide. Since its inception in 2021, the quickly growing group has become a vital forum for sharing ideas, enforcing conservation policies, and advocating for coastal protection nationally and globally.

Their Impact

Members of Coastal 500 all take a pledge to encourage healthy fishing communities by empowering their people with clear access rights to fisheries and supporting good local governance and leadership. And their efforts are working! Marine life is recovering, and local fishing activity is once again on the rise, with mayors reporting an 80% increase in local fish catches from sustainable, community-managed fisheries in areas with Coastal 500 representation. But it’s vital that the movement continues to grow. Together, members of Coastal 500 can have a greater impact than any one city or nation alone.

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