How We Select

Each year we identify areas of focus, framing our selection priorities to help us identify the solutions that will have the most significant impact. We identify priority areas of interest for each of our five Earthshots, in addition to six shared criteria against which we assess the nominated solutions.

Selection Priorities


Our Roadmap to Regeneration is a detailed guide on how The Earthshot Prize searches for and selects those who will be put forward as potential winners. This is developed through extensive research and expert counsel, and sets out the key tipping points across the Earthshots which we believe will drive the positive change needed.


The Earthshot Prize Council

The Earthshot Prize Council is a global team of influencers from a broad range of sectors. Each member of our council is passionately committed to championing positive action in the environmental space.

Each year, The Earthshot Prize Council will select the five winners of The Earthshot Prize in a judging session led by Christiana Figueres, Chair of The Earthshot Prize.

The Expert Advisory Panel

The Expert Advisory Panel is a diverse group of reputed experts from around the world in the fields of conservation, science, activism, technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, finance and economics.

The Panel plays a key role in the selection of our Finalists, by assessing our long-listed solutions for their potential to have significant impact on each of our five Earthshots and recommending those which The Earthshot Prize should award each year.

The Earthshot Prize