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Sanergy co-founder David Auerbach in factory
Build a
Waste-free World
2021 Finalist


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A sanitation and waste management crisis is unfolding across the developing world. Sanergy provide a clean, cost-effective ways to process organic waste.

Their Story

Booming cities are struggling with a deluge of waste as urban centres outgrow their sewage systems.

Sanergy, based in Nairobi, proves it can be managed safely. Locally built, cost-effective dry toilets offer a clean and affordable alternative to sewers. The sanitation waste from slums and all other forms of organic waste from kitchens, agricultural pack houses and markets is safely removed, transported to Sanergy’s factory where it is consumed by black soldier fly larvae and converted to safe agricultural inputs sold to local farmers.

Sanergy serves 150,000 residents daily and removes 50,000 tonnes of waste per year. It also combats food insecurity. Sanergy’s organic fertilizer and insect protein for animal feed boosts farming volumes by up to 30%, helping over 5000 farmers meet the needs of expanding populations.

Sanergy is already the largest waste recycling factory in Eastern Central Africa. Over the next five years the founders want to repurpose five million further tonnes of waste. It’s a resourceful solution to a mucky problem.

And they are on their way. Their series C funding closed successfully to allow them to scale up their fertilizer and animal protein production and to begin to expand internationally. The Earthshot Prize Global Alliance Members Deloitte and Arup have both been actively supporting across scaling, upskilling, and project design.

Their Impact so far

Since becoming an Earthshot Prize Finalist, Sanergy has taken huge strides in scaling the company globally.

Environmental and Social Impact

27,000 Tonnes of CO2e emissions has been avoided through adoption of Sanergy’s solutions.

Key Milestones

In 2022 Sanergy completed its series C funding round which is helping fuel the company’s expansion in Kenya and beyond.

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