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Roam Co-Founder CEO Filip Lövström
Clean Our
2022 Finalist


Area of Impact:

The electric vehicle revolution is coming to East Africa. Roam is bringing affordable, electric transport to one of the world’s fastest growing regions.

Their Story

In Kenya, motorcycle taxis are the easiest and cheapest way to get around. But the ubiquitous Boda Bodas are major polluters. These motorcycles are among the highest CO2 emitting vehicles on the market, but almost six percent of East Africans rely on them for their daily income.

Electric alternatives are either unreliable, of poor quality or too expensive for most Kenyans.

Founded in 2017 as a research project at a Swedish university, Roam spotted an opportunity: electric vehicles made in Africa, designed for the African market.

All at the same time designing everything locally with 40% female employees in all areas. The company builds motorcycles and buses tailored to the market with affordability and reliability at the forefront. In harsh terrain, Roam has tested 160 prototypes, raised more than $7.5 million and run a successful pilot programme with M-Kopa, one of the largest asset financiers on the continent.

This is just the start. Roam aims to make electric transport accessible to a far broader market, setting the standard for electric mobility in Africa. The key is the price tag. Because electricity is cheaper than petrol, Roam estimates drivers can cut running costs by 75 percent – an incentive that works for both people and the planet.

Their impact so far

Since becoming an Earthshot Prize Finalist in 2022, Roam has taken huge strides in its mission to revolutionise African transportation.


At the very end of 2023, the team at Roam closed its series A funding round raising $24m, with The Earthshot Prize helping connect the team to one of its investors. This funding will enable Roam to expand its production of locally designed and manufactured electric motorcycles and buses, fuelling its mission to revolutionise African transportation with innovative products specifically designed for consumers across the continent.

Connections Made

Electric transport company Roam has received $150,000 (£124,000) in pro bono support and software development credits from Global Alliance member Microsoft. A strategic partnership with Hitachi aims to boost the number of electric motorcycles and buses in Nairobi and beyond.

Environmental Impact

Roam saved more than five times the amount of CO2 emissions in 2023 than they did in 2022.

Key Milestones

In late 2022, Roam launched a zero emissions electric bus, the Roam Rapid, a first-of-its-kind public transport system for Nairobi and beyond. More recently it unveiled a second smaller electric bus model, Roam Move, designed for Kenyan commuters.

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