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The Blue Map App

Like all fast-growing nations, China must balance economic boom with protecting human and planetary health. Ma Jun saw first-hand the impact of air and water pollution on human and planetary health when he worked for the media. Understanding that to fight pollution you first have to measure it, he founded the Blue Map App.

Blue Map App is China’s first public environmental database, giving citizens the opportunity to use real time data to advocate for change in their communities.

Users can check local air and water quality and get real-time pollution data from more than 40,000 factories. Tens of thousands of “micro-reporting” has been filed by Blue Map App users against polluting factories and thousands of some of the largest emitters in China have been motivated to openly address their violation records.

With 10 million downloads, Blue Map’s network of concerned citizens becomes part of the multi-stakeholder initiative that is changing China’s cities. Beijing shows the difference it can make. The capital is now making progress toward no longer being among has made further progress after dropping from the 200 most polluted cities in the world while continuing to strengthen its economy.

Blue Map App demonstrates the power of transparency and accountability. It also teaches the world a lesson — that clever innovation, combined with public participation, is a recipe for progress.


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