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The City of Milan Food Waste Hubs

A third of all food produced globally is wasted. Each discarded food item uses precious resources and heaps pressure on agriculture. The global food system generates between 25-30% of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions

Meanwhile, hundreds of millions suffer from food insecurity

The City of Milan’s Food Waste Hubs tackle two problems in one. Launched in 2019 with the aim of halving waste by 2030, each hub recovers food mainly from supermarkets and companies’ canteens and gives it to NGOs who distribute it to the neediest citizens.

Milan is the first major city to enforce a city-wide food waste policy encompassing public agencies, food banks, charities, NGOs, universities and private businesses. And it is working. Today the city has three Food Waste Hubs, each recovering about 130 tonnes of food per year or 350 kg per day, an estimated 260,000 meals equivalent.

Since winning The Earthshot Prize, the team has received extensive press coverage, and have expanded their operations in Milan with two new hubs, broadening their network out to open food markets and school canteens. They plan to spin-out a centre of excellence in Milan to gather and share best practice across the world.

The Earthshot Prize Global Alliance Member Deloitte are engaged to explore the possibility of establishing a food waste social impact bond that would open new routes to fund their work – in Milan, and beyond.


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