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The Earthshot Prize Roadmap 2023: How we will search, select and scale the next generation of innovators

Roadmap 2023

The Earthshot Prize exists to discover, spotlight and help grow innovative solutions with the potential to repair and regenerate our planet. And it all starts with our Roadmap.

Two years since the introduction of our first roadmap, today we are launching an updated version for 2023.

Guided by feedback from environmental experts and informed by the latest scientific understanding, our Roadmap 2023 sets out a revised vision for how we can tackle the increasing environmental challenges the world faces.

Roadmap 2023

Get an overview of the Roadmap 2023 on our dedicated microsite or download the full PDF version.

It is also a crucial guide for our Official Nominators as they begin their global search for the next cohort of innovators, with nominations officially opening on 19th September.

To give The Earthshot Prize and its network its maximum chance of success requires prioritisation. The Roadmap provides this focus by highlighting three priority areas of interest within each Earthshot. These fifteen areas are where we see the potential to rapidly replace damaging and unsustainable practices with high-impact solutions.

The 15 Priority Areas are:

Protect and Restore Nature

  1. Protecting areas of high biodiversity such as forests, wetlands, peatlands and wildlife corridors
  2. Restoring damaged ecosystems
  3. Feeding people while protecting nature

Clean our Air

  1. Engaging citizens in data collection and clean air policies
  2. Preventing the burning of fields, forests and waste
  3. Transitioning to clean transportation for all

Revive Our Oceans

  1. Protecting and restoring coastal ecosystems
  2. Replenishing fish populations
  3. Reducing demand for fishmeal

Build a Waste-Free World

  1. Reducing food loss from farm-to-fork
  2. Phasing out single-use and non-recycled plastics
  3. High-value circularity in fashion and electronics

Fix Our Climate

  1. Creating an equitable clean energy future
  2. Addressing non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors

In addition to these priority areas, the Roadmap identifies five “cross-cutting enablers” – key approaches that potential solutions could adopt that would accelerate the improvements we seek.

It also improves on and refines how we filter the 1000+ nominations we receive each year down to just 15 finalists. A particular focus on solutions that have the potential for global impact, represent diversity and are mature enough to rapidly scale will ensure the solutions uncovered over the next 3-5 years will make a vital difference.

Find out more about how we search and select our Finalists and Winners.

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