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The 2021 Ashden Awards


As an Official Nominator for The Earthshot Prize, Ashden are one of more than 200 organisations around the world selected for their ability to identify the most impactful solutions to our five EarthshotsNominators include our Global Alliance, as well as academic and non-profit institutions and private sector alliances from around the world.  

Our nominators are at the heart of The Earthshot Prize, and as such, their news is great news for the environment and something we look forward to sharing on a regular basis.  

Ashden work to help climate innovators attract investment and funding, build their networks, and drive radical change. Each year, they hold The Ashden Awards, which back radical ideas to deliver lower emissions and help create greener, more sustainable future.   

Since 2001, The Ashden Awards have recognised 236 ground-breaking organisations, and have helped support work that has the potential to create significant impact. This impact might be a large drop in greenhouse gas emissions, raised incomes, better health, reduced inequality, or a combination of positive outcomes.  

Last year’s 11 winners were climate solutions with the power to drive a green recovery from coronavirus 

  1. Cool Cities – Natural Resources Defence Council’s Ahemdabad Heat Action Plan – tackling deadly heatwaves in the Indian city – making sure citizens know when extreme temperatures are on their way, and what they should do in response. 
  2. Financial Innovation for Energy Access  Solshare home systems – allowing system owners to trade excess energy with their neighbours.  
  3. System Innovation for Energy Access – The Togolese Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Agency – working with the private sector to deliver on and ofgrid energy to people in Togo.  
  4. Energy Innovation (UK) – Guru Systems – developing intelligent technology to make energy systems more transparent, lower cost and lower carbon. 
  5. Natural Climate Solutions – Rede de Sementes do Xingu – coordinating seed collectors, administrators and buyers in Mato Grosso to support reforestation of degraded land. 
  6. Humanitarian Energy – United Nations Development Programme – Community-owned solar microgrids, created by groups of local entrepreneurs and supported by grants from UNDP Now, have brought higher incomes and reliable energy to conflict-hit Yemen.  
  7. Sustainable Built Environment (Global) – Build Up Nepal – a social enterprise, helping women become construction entrepreneurs, by giving them machinery, training and support to build homes from compressed-earth blocks.  
  8. Sustainable Built Environment (UK) – Passivhaus Homes – supporting the Passivhaus building method, a global standard that guarantees ultra-efficient homes needing minimal energy for heating and cooling. 
  9. Energy and Livelihoods – S4S Technologies – provides patented solar dryer machines for food products, alongside tailored packages of finance, training and support, to a wide range of customers – including female smallholder farmers.  
  10. Sustainable Mobility (International) – Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) – tackling deadly air pollution and creating more accessible public spaces through bold steps, which encourage walking and cycling in Greater Chennai  
  11. Clean air in UK towns and Cities – – The rise of online shopping threatens to clog our streets with more polluting cars and vans. E-cargobikes have partnered with supermarkets and small businesses to deliver goods via electric bike across London. 

The 2021 Ashden Awards are now open for nominations in the following categories:  

  1. Climate innovation in the UK 
  2. Green skills (UK) 
  3. Greener communities (UK) 
  4. Natural climate solutions  
  5. Cooling in informal settlements 
  6. Humanitarian energy 

Ashden are looking to uncover and spotlight the world’s next climate champions. Applications will be open until the 3rd March 2021.  

Learn more about The Ashden Awards and how to apply

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