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Introducing the Roadmap to Regeneration: The Earthshot Prize Selection Priorities 2022


In January, The Earthshot Prize kicked off Year 2 of our search for the world’s most extraordinary eco-solutions with the opening of our official Nominations process. Currently more than 350 official Nominators from 80 countries globally are searching their networks for impactful, inclusive and inspiring solutions to the world’s greatest environmental challenges.

This year, we’re introducing the ‘Roadmap to Regeneration: The Earthshot Prize Selection Priorities 2022’ – a guide to the key selection priorities that will act as basis for how the Prize searches for and selects the solutions that will become our next Finalists and Winners. It provides a guide to the tipping point areas we believe will be critical for accelerating progress to repair our planet in this decisive decade.

Incorporating extensive consultation with sustainability experts and a wide community of contributors, the Roadmap to Regeneration sets out an optimistic vision for how we can repair our planet through key environmental tipping points that we believe will be defining for this decade in the categories of our five Earthshots including areas like regenerative agriculture, blue carbon, extending the use of food and fashion, personal transportation and construction. Developed through extensive research and consultation, this roadmap showcases what we’re seeing, learning and spotting from our unique vantage point on eco-innovation.

In addition to the focus areas, the Roadmap sets out key filters that we use to screen and assess our nominations, taking us from hundreds of nominations down to just five winners, with filters including diversity, stage of solutions and characteristics of nominations. We have a particular focus on solutions which are beyond idea stage, have tested their solution in-field or with audiences, and are at a ‘tipping point’ for scaling or replication. We also primarily seek preventative solutions, that can provide an alternative to approaches that cause harm, as well as those that can make systems we use today better, and innovations that help minimise negative impacts on people and on the environment. ​

The Roadmap to Regeneration is our transparent guidebook to how The Earthshot Prize can uniquely contribute to accelerating change  and we aim to update these each year to reflect what we’re seeing and learning from our unique vantage point as a global engine for eco-innovation.

With our 2022 nominations drawing to a close on the 4th March, we invite anyone motivated by and committed to eco-innovation to be part of this journey with us and check out the Roadmap to Regeneration to learn more about the future that is within our reach.

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