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The Earthshot Prize Impact Report 2024: This is the decade we make a difference

Earthshot Prize Impact Report 2024

We are thrilled to unveil our 2024 Impact Report, showcasing the progress made with our partners and community just three years into launching The Earthshot Prize. ​

Transformative solutions are needed to move us towards a better future for all. The Earthshot Prize is a unique window into an emerging global Climate Creativity movement emerging in every city, nation, and region of the world filled with talented people using their creativity to fix the planet and create a better world for all.

“The 1000s of nominations to The Earthshot Prize, and the cohorts of Finalists and Winners celebrated and supported since our inception in 2020, all tell us there is reason for hope, reason for excitement, reason to believe in the potential of a better future for all.”

Hannah Jones, CEO, The Earthshot Prize

More than a prize

After three short years, the Earthshot Prize is emerging as a global platform for discovering innovators, unlocking capital, scaling solutions, and inspiring urgent optimism convening annually for a prestigious awards ceremony that celebrates the people, ideas and action that drive us towards a better world.​

A Platform for Speeding Solutions to Scale

Becoming an Earthshot Prize Finalist or Winner is just the beginning of the journey for each new cohort. Through the collective support of our Founding Partners, Global Alliance and wider network, we have been able to expedite the flow of capital towards Earthshot solutions, dismantle structural barriers, and equip our Finalists with the tools and support necessary for rapid scaling.​

An Emerging Movement

Through the thousands of nominations since our inception, we see a thrilling climate creativity movement emerging in every city, nation, and region of the world filled with talented people using their creativity to develop solutions to fix the planet and create a better world for all.​

A Critical Decade

Our inspirational Finalists and Winners continue to make remarkable strides in replenishing our oceans, restoring nature, removing waste, cleaning our air, and mitigating carbon emissions. It will take our collective ambition and efforts to continue providing unprecedented access to talent, advice, networks, capital, and the resources needed to speed their work to scale.

The 2024 Impact Report is a look back on our first three years of building The Earthshot Prize. It is also an invitation to join us as we build on that momentum together.

Join us by speeding transformative solutions to scale, by supporting the climate creatives building solutions near you, or by becoming a future Earthshot winner and putting your talent, time, and imagination into fixing the planet, one solution at a time.

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Read the 2024 Impact Report

Download our 2024 Impact Report and dive into the details of what our global community has achieved to date.

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