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The Earthshot Prize Joins Forces with Asia School of Business to Accelerate Environmental Innovation

Asia School of Business Campus

The Earthshot Prize is pleased to announce its strategic alliance with Asia School of Business (ASB), a leading educational institution in Malaysia.

This transformative collaboration underscores ASB’s unwavering commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow and advancing sustainable, eco-conscious practices, further reinforcing the school’s commitment to addressing pressing environmental challenges.

Within this influential partnership, ASB will leverage its formidable resources and expertise to accelerate innovative environmental solutions, particularly within Southeast Asia. The key objectives of this collaboration revolve around the identification, support, and fostering of entrepreneurship and startups that align seamlessly with The Earthshot Prize’s ambitious goals. ASB’s paramount focus will be on giving those environmentally responsible initiatives the business innovation and entrepreneurship tools to rapidly scale and ensure success.

“Our affiliation with The Earthshot Prize underscores our dedication to addressing the most urgent environmental challenges. We firmly believe that education, innovation, and entrepreneurship are potent agents of change. By partnering with The Earthshot Prize, we can create a dynamic platform for fostering and scaling innovative solutions with global impact.”

Professor Sanjay Sarma, President, and CEO of Asia School of Business

The Earthshot Prize, founded by Prince William and The Royal Foundation, is a prestigious global award that focuses on identifying and financing solutions to repair the planet. The Prize revolves around five Earthshots: Protect and Restore Nature, Clean Our Air, Revive Our Oceans, Build a Waste-Free World, and Fix Our Climate.

“The Earthshot Prize is thrilled to collaborate with Asia School of Business. Together, we can catalyze innovation, drive entrepreneurship, and inspire the next generation of leaders to champion environmental causes. ASB’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and transformative leadership education align perfectly with our mission.”

The Earthshot Prize CEO Hannah Jones

Through this ground-breaking alliance, ASB and The Earthshot Prize seek to nurture a new generation of environmentally conscious leaders who will be at the forefront of global environmental innovation.

The Accelerator curriculum, hosted by ASB’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, will be meticulously tailored to equip entrepreneurs with the skills, connections, and resources needed to position their ventures as compelling candidates for Pre-Series A and/or Series A funding rounds. This dynamic collaboration is tailor-made for eligible startups seeking to accelerate their growth while upholding environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices.

Find out more about Asia School of Business on their website.

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