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Acción Andina recognised by the United Nations as a pioneering ecosystem restoration model

Community Reforestation, Accion Andina

Healthy ecosystems are essential for a healthy planet. They provide food and shelter for wildlife while helping to clean our air and water, boost soil fertility and control flooding. But around the world, they are increasingly becoming more degraded because of pollution, deforestation and climate change.

While many countries are taking action to protect these critical systems, it can be hard to measure the progress or quality of such large-scale, long-term restoration projects.

In order to shine a light on the crucial work taking place around the world, the UN Environment Programme honours the very best examples as World Restoration Flagships.

We are delighted that this year, 2023 Earthshot Prize Winner, Acción Andina, has been selected as a UN World Restoration Flagship for its pioneering community reforestation model based in the Andes Mountains.

Working with indigenous communities across the region to preserve native forests and ecosystems, Acción Andina aims to grow 30 million trees by 2030 and restore a million hectares of native forest by 2045.

Along with the well-deserved recognition from being selected as a UN World Restoration Flagship project, Acción Andina will now also be eligible to receive UN-backed promotion, advice and funding to continue scaling their incredibly important work.

“Today is a win for nature and for collective action to restore Earth, our home that we share with many more.”

“Having Acción Andina recognized, alongside many others, by the UN as one of the global flagship efforts for restoration is profoundly gratifying and a powerful message for the Andes, South America and globally.”

Florent Kaiser, Accion Andina

Florent Kaiser, CEO of Global Forest Generation


“When I started to do restoration with native trees, it was to provide hope to all of us and, if possible, perpetuity to our Mother Earth. Why? Because I dream that my kids and future generations can enjoy what I am enjoying now.”

“Recognition like this only comes after a long journey with my family, friends, partners, donors and all the local and native communities, doing real and concrete actions on the ground. There is a long way to go still for all of us but the Flagship brings more hope to this mission.”

Constantino Aucca Chutas, Accion Andina

Constantino Aucca Chutas, President of Acción Andina

Learn more about Acción Andina‘s story and ambitions or explore the World Restoration Flagships on the UN Environment Programme website.

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