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Fast-tracking Earthshot innovators at London Climate Action Week 2024

Earthshot Prize at London Climate Action Week 2024

Nearly four years on from our first awards ceremony in London, The Earthshot Prize has grown into a powerful global search engine, unearthing transformational environmental solutions and working to bring them to scale.

We have seen thousands of incredible solutions from every corner of society and region of the world, all working to tackle our planet’s greatest challenges.

While the Prize itself spotlights 15 Finalists and 5 Winners each year, the Earthshot platform is far bigger.

With an increasing number of solutions entering our ecosystem all the time we are always looking for new pathways to support and inspire climate innovation everywhere, so it is with great excitement that we are participating in this year’s London Climate Action Week.


The Earthshot Prize at LCAW 2024

As one of the world’s largest independent climate change events, London Climate Action Week 2024 brings together individuals, organisations and communities to host a huge range of events and collaborations focussed on global climate solutions.

During LCAW, The Earthshot Prize and our partners will host events across the city to spotlight innovators and their game-changing work and demonstrate the power of The Earthshot Prize to drive investment and speed solutions to scale.

This week, investors, executives, NGOs, advocates, and influencers are all invited to meet and amplify our latest cohort of Finalists, as well as a broader group of innovators from our Earthshot portfolio.

Investing in water

We kick off the week with The Earthshot Prize Water Roundtable, focussing on one of our most critical and precious resources.

Chaired by leading environmental journalist Tom Freyberg, this event will bring together funders and philanthropists to explore water as an emerging investment theme.

Joining us are three 2023 Finalists—Aquacycl, Colorifix, and Acción Andina, who will share their experiences of water conservation.

Orianna Bretschger, Co-Founder of Aquacycl, 2023 Earthshot Prize Finalists

Orianna Bretschger, Co-Founder of Aquacycl, 2023 Earthshot Prize Finalists

Speeding seaweed solutions

Seaweed is often overlooked, but it holds a treasure trove of benefits for both the environment and our daily lives.

Following Prince William’s recent visit to a seaweed innovation showcase in Wales, we will host the Seaweed Road to UNOC Workshop on Tuesday in partnership with the Global Seaweed Alliance.

Earthshot Prize Finalists Notpla and Sea Forest will join us as we look to accelerate the development of seaweed-based climate solutions ahead of the 3rd UN Ocean Conference (UNOC) in June 2025.

2022 Earthshot Prize Winner Notpla's plastic-alternative food container made with a natural seaweed coating

2022 Earthshot Prize Winner Notpla’s plastic-alternative food container made with a natural seaweed coating

Scaling impact with Launchpad

A central theme of this year’s LCAW is exploring ways to finance the global climate transition.

With this backdrop, on Tuesday we will host a workshop and community event for our online innovator-investor matchmaking platform Launchpad.

These sessions will offer Earthshot Prize Finalists and other innovators from our portfolio the chance to connect with investors and philanthropists to explore how the platform can help scale more climate solutions.

Launchpad is an online innovator-investor matchmaking platform

Launchpad is an online innovator-investor matchmaking platform

An invitation to innovate

The growing number of innovators joining the Earthshot network each year strengthens our commitment to supporting and spotlighting efforts on an even bigger scale.

We are excited to invite representatives from various solutions within our portfolio to participate in an Innovation Camp led by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Alongside Finalists including Belterra, Boomitra and GRST they will have high-profile opportunities to further develop their skills and connect with potential partners and investors.

Justin Hung, CEO and co-founder of GRST, 2023 Earthshot Prize Finalist

Justin Hung, CEO and co-founder of GRST, 2023 Earthshot Prize Finalists

As we welcome climate innovators and investors from around the world to the birthplace of The Earthshot Prize this week, the message is clear: now is the time for bold action to scale solutions.

The world doesn’t lack innovation; it faces a scaling challenge. There’s a gap between proven solutions and their transformative potential if scaled — a gap that requires funding and support.

Alongside our incredible Global Alliance of partners, we are focused on catalysing additional support for more solutions and inspiring the next generation of innovators, advocates, entrepreneurs, and Earthshot Prize Winners.


How to get involved

1. Join the conversation around London Climate Action Week on social media using the hashtags #EarthshotPrize and #LCAW2024.

2. Register for the Stories of Impact Showcase livestream on LinkedIn.

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