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The search for the first winners of The Earthshot Prize has officially begun – between now and the inaugural Earthshot Prize Awards in Autumn 2021 our nominators will find 5 game-changing, inspiring, and innovative solutions to help to repair our planet by 2030.   

Since 1 November, we have finalised our nominators for the first year of The Earthshot Prize, onboarding 200 nominators to ensure coverage across geographic regions and across all sectors. These include Web Summit, WCS Russia Programme, Polish Academy of Sciences, Fundación Pachamama, Solar Impulse Foundation, Energy Internet Research Institute at Tsinghua University, Green Brunei, New Energy Nexus, and WildAct VietnamThe full list of nominators can be found here 

We commenced this 11-month search at the beginning of November knowing that the answers to the world’s greatest challenges exist, but that we would have to search all around the world to find them. Whilst these examples of human ingenuity may have the potential to positively transform the world, too often the solutions and the people behind them receive neither the recognition they deserve, nor the support they need to create systemic change and global impact.  

The aim of The Earthshot Prize is to seek out these potentially world-changing initiatives from all corners of the world and amplify them. By identifying and highlighting these solutions, The Earthshot Prize will inspire and celebrate new, collaborative action to meet the environmental challenges we face.  

The solutions that will win The Earthshot Prize are the outstanding projects, actions and initiatives that are demonstrating positive effects on people’s lives and progress towards our Earthshots. By winning The Earthshot Prize, these solutions will be amplified and supported to lead to transformative, global impact.   

To find these game-changing solutions, The Earthshot Prize has established a truly diverse and experienced group of nominators who will seek out potential winners.   

Just like other esteemed international prizes, by using nominators The Earthshot Prize is tapping into a global network of knowledge and experience to select the solutions that will have the biggest impact on the world. The Earthshot Prize nominators are leaders in identifying positive action: they have years of experience in tackling environmental challenges, knowledge of the impacts on different communities and wider society, and networks covering all parts of the world. The Earthshot Prize nominations process will use this global network – from grassroots to global summits – to ensure that a diverse range of high-impact solutions are put forward from all different sectors and countries.  

Many of the solutions needed to reach our five Earthshots already exist – the task is to celebrate and scale them, with the ambition that they lead to mass adoption and replication. By assembling this global network of nominators, The Earthshot Prize ensures that every part of the world will be searched to find the winners with the most impactful solutions that can transform the world, and repair our planet over the next 10 years.  

The Earthshot Prize