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The Earthshot Prize will be running an exciting youth programme during Earthshot Week in Singapore

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The Earthshot Prize, Temasek Trust Ecosystem Entities & Conservation International to Inspire & Drive Climate Action Through Youth & Community Programmes in Singapore

Youth Programme will bring together over 120 exceptional youth leaders from Southeast Asia in Singapore and place a strong emphasis on cultivating essential skills in community building, leadership, presentation, and climate storytelling.

Community events at social impact hub Temasek Shophouse featuring sustainability leaders and changemakers will engage public on climate challenges and inspire action to drive change.



In collaboration with Temasek Trust ecosystem entities – Temasek Foundation and Temasek Shophouse – and Conservation International, we are thrilled to announce an exciting youth programme and community events set to take place during Earthshot Week, from 6 November (Monday) to 9 November (Thursday) in Singapore.

Youth Programming to Drive Local Climate Action

The youth programme will bring together over 120 exceptional leaders aged 18 to 35 from across Southeast Asia for a transformative experience that will support them to drive climate action in their communities. These youth leaders include representatives from Common Purpose, Conservation International, Global Shapers, Ismaili CIVIC, Singapore Fashion Council.

A week-long programme organised by Common Purpose Singapore, a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering young people, with the support of Temasek Foundation, has a strong focus on community building and leadership.

“The involvement of youth in The Earthshot Prize goes beyond attending events and workshops; it is a transformative experience that will propel their leadership in advancing the climate agenda of today. Conservation International values the voices of the youth, recognising their role as dynamic catalysts for driving meaningful change.”

Geraldine Chin, Country Director of Conservation International Singapore

The Earthshot Prize will enhance the youth programme by offering exclusive masterclasses, hosted by its esteemed Global Alliance partners, including Bloomberg L.P, YouTube, and Arup as well as its event partner, Singapore Fashion Council. These masterclasses will encompass a wide spectrum of topics, from disruptive leadership to the art of storytelling, and creative design and problem-solving. Participants will also have the unique opportunity to partake in the prestigious Awards ceremony, engage in curated thought leadership discussions, and a meaningful tree-planting activity, utilising the very trees from the Awards Ceremony, thus promoting resource circularity and minimising waste.

In addition to the youth programme, further events will be hosted across Singapore in the lead-up to and during Earthshot Week to raise awareness and drive public engagement around pressing climate challenges.

“As the next generation of innovators and changemakers, it is imperative we provide support and a unique platform to young leaders who are passionate about addressing climate change. The Youth Programme does just this and I want to thank our partners for providing these inspiring young leaders with an opportunity for them to gain valuable experiences, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to a sustainable future.”

Hannah Jones, CEO of The Earthshot Prize

Community Outreach to Inspire Climate Action

As part of the celebrations of Earthshot Week coming to Singapore, climate outreach community events will take place at Temasek Shophouse on 29 October and 2 November.

The public will get to hear from sustainability leaders and changemakers on their innovative climate solutions and platforms. They include Ms. Hannah Jones, CEO, The Earthshot Prize; Mr. Roland Wee, Co-Founder and Chairman of biodegradable plastics substitute firm RWDC Industries and 2018 winner of The Liveability Challenge (TLC) by Temasek Foundation; Mr. Alex Polglase, Chief of Staff of lithium battery recycling firm Neu Battery Materials and TLC 2021 Finalist; Ms. Sam Shu Qin, Marine Biologist, Tropical Marine Science Institute, National University of Singapore (NUS), and Dr. Neo Mei Lin, Marine Ecologist, Tropical Marine Science Institute, NUS.

Both events will wrap up with a screening of Sir David Attenborough’s landmark series Repairing Our Planet “Revive Our Oceans”.

“We are delighted to support the Earthshot Week’s youth and community programmes through our ecosystem entities – Temasek Foundation and Temasek Shophouse – to foster awareness and inspire action for the climate challenges facing us. Engaging with our communities and empowering youths – our leaders of tomorrow – with the knowledge and tools to drive impact will sow the seeds of a brighter future for all.”

Desmond Kuek, CEO, Temasek Trust

Singapore 2023

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