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Sea forest launches world’s first climate-friendly dairy milk

Sam Elsom with EcoMilk

Livestock contributes around 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with around half of global dairy emissions caused by methane1, a gas that’s released when ruminating animals like cows digest food.

Methane traps around 80 times more heat in the atmosphere than CO2 so it poses a serious challenge to climate health. Yet it’s a challenge 2023 Earthshot Prize Finalists, Sea Forest, are tackling head-on with their innovative emissions-reducing livestock feed made with seaweed.

And now they have passed another milestone in their journey with the announcement that they have teamed up with Tasmanian-based dairy Ashgrove Cheese to produce Eco-Milk, the world’s first commercially available climate-friendly milk.

“Supporting the launch of Australia’s first low-methane milk is a tremendous milestone for Sea Forest. We are delighted to partner with Ashgrove to reduce the methane emissions of their herd while empowering consumers to make climate-friendly choices at the checkout.”

“Eco-Milk demonstrates how supply chain collaboration can drive sustainability from farm to fridge. And that’s exciting.”

Sam Elsom, Sea Forest CEO

As Sea Forest and Ashgrove aim to distribute Eco-Milk widely across Australia, they hope to inspire more consumers to invest in the environment, one purchase at a time.

Learn about Sea Forest’s innovative work to reduce planet-warming emissions from sheep and cattle.

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