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SeaForester teams up with Nestlé Purina to pioneer marine habitat restoration

Seaweed and fish

In a landmark move for ocean conservation, 2022 Earthshot Prize Finalist SeaForester has entered into a new strategic partnership with Nestlé Purina PetCare Europe to rejuvenate over 1,500 hectares of marine habitat by 2030.

The oceans are the lifeblood of our planet, but they are facing significant threats to the biodiversity they support. Climate change accelerates the warming of ocean waters, leading to coral bleaching and the disruption of delicate marine ecosystems. Human activities, including overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction, only accelerate these issues, pushing marine life to the brink of collapse.

Recognising the urgent need for innovative solutions to protect and restore our oceans, this exciting programme between Nestlé Purina and SeaForester seeks to tackle these challenges head-on.

A Partnership Built on Collaboration

By using fish by-products in its pet food, Nestlé Purina ensures nothing goes to waste. This circular approach not only reduces waste but also underlines the importance of sustainable ingredient sourcing in protecting marine life.

While, at the heart of the programme, SeaForester’s revolutionary approach to marine habitat restoration and unique seaforestation techniques, including mobile seaweed nurseries, resurrect the crucial ecosystems that support marine biodiversity and coastal resilience.

“We are excited to be joining Purina Europe’s Ocean Restoration Programme to tackle one of the world’s most pressing challenges – the restoration of our natural habitats. Our ambitions align perfectly with Purina Europe´s broader commitment to help advance the regeneration of ocean ecosystems. This project demonstrates how a partnership between a large industry player and organisations dedicated to the restoration of natural ecosystems can work together to provide a business case for the sustainable use of our ocean. We hope this initiative also will encourage other companies to act – to start planting trees in the ocean and not only on land.”

Pål Bakken, Founder and CEO of SeaForester

By pooling resources, knowledge, and expertise, the joint initiative aims to tackle common obstacles, advance the science behind effective marine habitat restoration and offer a blueprint for global ocean restoration efforts.

Working alongside other ocean restoration organisations, the programme will initially focus on key locations across Europe, including France’s Arcachon Bay, the Netherlands’ Zeeland, and Norway’s Tromsø, with SeaForester’s work taking place in Portugal’s Cascais & Peniche.

There are also plans to expand into Germany and the UK in the near future, as the project sets a bold agenda for marine restoration. A second phase, starting in 2026, will scale these solutions, aiming to make a tangible impact on marine ecosystems and the biodiversity they support.

The partnership highlights the immense potential for corporate and environmental organisations to work together to create healthier, more vibrant oceans and we cannot wait to see the outcomes of their efforts.

Learn more about SeaForester and the other Restore our Oceans Finalists.

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