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Record-breaking nominations for 2024 show the solutions our planet needs are out there

If the results of our search for the solutions that will become our 2024 Winners and Finalists are anything to go by, we are in for a truly inspirational year!

Our latest nominations period has recently closed with a record-breaking number of submissions. A result that underlines the undeniable fact that the global community is buzzing with innovative ideas to address the planet’s challenges.

In total 2,429 potential game-changing solutions based in 139 countries worldwide were put forward by our network of over 430 Official Nominators. This is more than double the total nominations we have received in any previous year from an ever-increasing number of countries.

The scale and quality of nominations this year is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our Official Nominators. It’s only by using this extensive network of global organisations that we can discover the solutions with the best chance of having the biggest impact.

After a hugely rewarding and successful visit to Singapore in 2023, we are delighted to have received five times as many nominations from Southeast Asia as any previous period. A result that reflects the impact The Earthshot Prize can have in the locations we visit.

And now with our sights firmly set on our fourth annual awards ceremony in Cape Town in November, it is incredibly exciting that 391 of this year’s nominations are headquartered in Africa. A figure higher than any other nomination period, with many more non-African nominations active across the continent.

“The response to this year’s nomination period proves that the world doesn’t have an innovation problem – we have a scaling problem. The ideas are out there, generated by talented people from diverse corners of the planet. The challenge is rapidly developing, testing, funding, and adopting those solutions, with a role for government, business and the public alike.”

“This is where The Earthshot Prize comes in. Using our significant spotlight and extensive network, we help speed solutions to scale. We can’t wait to get to know and support many of this year’s nominees over the next months and beyond.”

Chris Large, Director of Portfolio and Prize 

The work to select this year’s Finalists has already begun.

After initial sorting, all solutions are to be assessed by our Expert Advisors using the rigorous criteria set out in our Roadmap to produce a “long list”. It will be from this group of promising innovations that the 15 Finalists for 2024 will be announced later in the year.

The final five Winners, one per Earthshot, will ultimately be chosen in a judging session by our prestigious Earthshot Prize Council and revealed on stage at the 2024 Earthshot Prize Awards in Cape Town.


Learn more about how we select Finalists and Winners and discover head to our dedicated Cape Town 2024 page for all the latest information.

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