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Powerful advice from women in The Earthshot family on International Women’s Day

International Womens Day 2024

At The Earthshot Prize, it’s a privilege to work with some of the most incredible women from around the world using their talents every day for the good of the planet.

So, to celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we asked just a few of these women to share two things with us: a woman in their world who has inspired them; and one piece of advice they’ve been given that’s driven them forward in their fight to repair our planet.

With huge thanks, here are some of their words of wisdom.

Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi

Earthshot Prize Council Member

Inspired by: Her two daughters, Preetha and Tara

“They remind me about how precious our Earth is and why we need to nurture every aspect of it for the generations to come.”

Indra’s advice:

“Environmental stewardship starts at home… feel deeply about it in every aspect of life… big and small.”

Larissa Hale

Queensland Indigenous Womens Ranger Network

Larissa Hale

Inspired by: Her mother, Irene Bowyer

“She has always been the person to inspire me and is a huge supporter of everything that I do.”

Larissa’s advice:

“Keep moving forward. No matter what you’re doing and what may make things difficult, just keep moving forward.”

Qiyun Woo

Qiyun Woo

Digital creator of The Weird and Wild

Inspired by: Catherine Sarah Young

“She reminds me to be unapologetic in taking up space, and to be loud and unafraid to explore new creative ways to advocate for the things I care about.”

Rocky Sanchez Tirona

Coastal 500

Rocky Sanchez Tirona

Inspired by: Gina Barquilla

“She represents the many women I have met from communities all over the world who have dedicated their lives to protecting the ocean.”

Rocky’s advice:

“When you’re overwhelmed with all that needs to get done, stop and ask yourself which is the part that needs to be done by you. That’s helped me focus my energy many times. ”

Dr Adanna Steinacker

Dr Adanna Steinacker

Founder & Digital Creator of House of Adanna

Inspired by: Wawa Gatheru

“Her advocacy and commitment towards environmental justice and equality inspire me both from a racial and gender point of view.”

Dr Adanna’s advice:

“It’s better to have a thousand ‘bad environmentalists’ who are not perfect but try every day to do better for the planet than ten perfect environmentalists. Start small, start where you are.”

Nomzamo Mbatha

Actor and Humanitarian

Nomzamo Mbatha

Inspired by: Oprah Winfrey, Judy Dlamini and her grandmother

“I admire these women the most because of their tenacity, generosity and business acumen. They embody what it means to ascend and take many with them on the journey.”

Nomzamo’s advice:

“Push against the wave of discouragement even when the efforts seem too insurmountable. The seeds we plant today will grow into the tree that will bear fruit and shade for future generations. So even if I don’t see the fruits of my labour now, my impact will be felt for generations to come.”

Melati Riyanto Wijsen

Melati Riyanto Wijsen

Founder of Youthtopia

Inspired by: Her mother

“She is one of the biggest sources of inspiration in my life.”

Melati’s advice:

“Be your most authentic self, stay focused and lead from the heart, always!”

Chloe Buiting

Veterinarian, Wildlife conservationist and Digital creator of Jungle_Doctor

Chloe Buiting

Inspired by: Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka

“Dr Gladys’ approach to community conservation has led to a significant population rebound of mountain gorillas, reducing their status from critically endangered to endangered, and she has empowered the local communities of Bwindi to champion these efforts.”

Chloe’s advice:

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to people. The world is full of like-minded individuals who are passionate about looking after our planet, and connecting with them is one of the best places to start.”

Jennifer Holmgren

Jennifer Holmgren


Inspired by: Ms Mary Good

“She taught me that indeed women can be strong leaders.”

Jennifer’s advice:

“You should do what you want to do and make your own decisions. Go with your gut instinct and make personal decisions that you think are right for you. Listen to people and take advice, but what they see as your trajectory and the path you choose do not have to be the same.”

Stephanie Feeney


Stephanie Feeney

Inspired by: Mary Robinson

“She is fearless, acts with integrity, and is unshakeable when faced with adversity.”

Stephanie’s advice:

“Be patient with those who don’t hold the same climate views and use it as an opportunity to learn how to make a more convincing case next time.”

Anne Marieke Eveleens

Anne Marieke Eveleens

The Great Bubble Barrier

Inspired by: Patricia Villarrubia-Gómez

“She seamlessly intertwines the topic of plastic pollution with the necessary social and environmental justice point of view.”

Anne Marieke’s advice:

“We cannot afford to lose hope when it comes to repairing our Blue Planet. By remaining optimistic, our daily work becomes a service to all the women who came before us and will come after us in facing our ocean’s biggest challenges.”

As an organisation, we are deeply committed to empowering women to help build and scale environmental solutions that are accessible to all, affordable by all and shape a world where everyone has equal access to a better life.

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