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Celebrating optimism in Singapore: Our favourite quotes from Awards night

Nidhi Pant and Dr. Vaibhav Tidke accept the Earthshot Prize 2023

A month on from our incredible Awards Ceremony in Singapore when the 2023 Earthshot Prize Winners were announced, we’ve been reflecting on the words of positivity and determination spoken that evening.

From Prince William’s strong emphasis on optimism and Sir David Attenborough’s wisdom, to our Winners’ inspirational acceptance speeches, we’ve picked out some of our favourites.

Prince William

“Hope does remain. The light of optimism is burning bright in our Earthshot Finalists. They remind us that no matter where you are on our planet, the spirit of ingenuity and the ability to inspire change surrounds us all.”

Prince William, The Earthshot Prize Founder and President

Sir David Attenborough

“Earth has enabled us to prosper but we are now asking too much of our home. Yet we can live both well, and responsibly, on our planet. The work to create a healthy world has already begun. It’s a longshot – an Earthshot – but we are up to the challenge.”

Sir David Attenborough, The Earthshot Prize Council Member

Our winners

Who better to assure us that, together, we can have a positive impact on our planet than the innovators who are themselves leading the way.

Learn more about the stories behind all of our Finalists and Winners and be inspired by their ambitions to repair and regenerate the place we call home.

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