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Fix our Climate


Tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided or captured by our first two Fix our Climate cohorts


Tonnes of CO2 emissions savings expected each year through a SOLShare partnership


New climate-related green jobs created by our Fix our Climate Finalists

Featured Finalist Impact

Their Mission

Enapter’s AEM Electrolyser turns renewable electricity into green hydrogen: a clean burning fuel with zero emissions for vehicles, planes, the power industry and small island communities.

Use of Prize Money

Enapter has used The Earthshot Prize money to take significant scale-up steps, setting up its chemical laboratory in Saerbeck, Germany. It has also helped the company complete construction of its AEM Nexus, the world’s first megawatt class AEM electrolyser. The new product features 420 core modules which can produce 450 kilograms of green hydrogen a day.

Key Milestones

Since winning The Earthshot Prize, Enapter has completed construction of its mass-production factory in Germany. In 2023 the company sold €31.5m of electrolysers, by far their most successful year to date. During the year the company deployed electrolysers to the hydrogen centre at the University of South Wales, delivered 30 AEM electrolysers to Tokyo Gas, one of Asia’s largest energy suppliers, and signed a contract worth more than $6.5m with Chinese company Wolong.

Environmental and Social Impact

Across 2021 and 2022, the technology has avoided a total of almost 71,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions. The company is creating new green jobs too. As of July 2023, it has delivered 3,700 electrolysers to 352 customers in 54 countries. Over their lifetime, the electrolysers and stacks delivered so far will avoid an estimated 96,157 tonnes of CO2e.

Connections Made

Bloomberg has worked with Enapter on multiple occasions, including featuring the organisation on Bloomberg TV numerous times and providing support through BloombergNEF. This helped the company address potential investors.

Arup, meanwhile, undertook a technical review of its fuel cell design with recommendations for future improvement and developed its tender documents to attract more clients and increase bid winning prospects, an estimated £15,000 worth of pro bono support.

Finalist Highlights


Following an introduction by The Earthshot Prize, global investment platform 2040 Ventures will provide funding and support to SOLshare.

Support and Connections

Following an introduction by The Earthshot Prize, SOLshare joined forces with fashion company Bestseller and its mother company Heartland, to create The Greener Garments Initiative Ltd. This new energy service company will build, own and operate up to 10 megawatts of solar rooftop projects among Bestseller’s suppliers in Bangladesh. The ambition is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in garment factories. Global Alliance member Unilever also commissioned SOLshare to install solar energy at a depot in Bangladesh.

Key Milestones

In February 2023, LanzaTech became a publicly traded and owned entity. This marks a key milestone of the first Earthshot Prize Finalist to go public. It is also the first Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) company to access public capital markets.

Low Carbon Materials has signed its first commercial agreement and completed multiple trials with national and international concrete manufacturers. The team has also developed a new carbon negative aggregate to decarbonise the road network.

Environmental and Social

Since becoming Finalists, the first two cohorts in the Fix our Climate category have collectively reduced, avoided and captured over 205,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, created 460 new green jobs, and reached over 500,000 people. Reeddi has double its avoided emissions in 2023 compared to 2022, while LanzaTech has avoided 44 per cent more emissions than last year. SOLshare, meanwhile, has avoided more than 6x more emissions than it did in 2021.

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