Fix Our

By 2030, we choose to
fix the World's climate
By cutting out carbon: building a carbon-neutral economy that lets every culture, community and country thrive

Climate graphic

Carbon in the atmosphere is making our planet warmer, to levels which threaten all life on Earth.

But it is not too late; if we act now, we can make the world a better, more sustainable home for everyone.

We will combat climate change by removing more carbon from the atmosphere than we put into it and ensuring all countries reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. We will build defences to protect innocent people from climate driven disasters and crises.

We will award The Earthshot Prize to the most outstanding efforts to meet this challenge. To the cities or countries who reach net-zero emissions; to the leaders who create millions of new jobs in a carbon neutral economy; to the technologists who remove carbon from the atmosphere on a global scale, whilst protecting human life and nature.

We choose to fix our climate so that life everywhere can thrive for generations to come.

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