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Across the world, close to a billion people have no electricity. Without it, they often burn charcoal and wood, with dire consequences for human and planetary health.

The world needs new thinking to reduce energy poverty and emissions. Solshare provides it.

Bangladesh-based SOLshare is the world’s first peer-to-peer energy exchange network. Homes with a rooftop solar panel sell any excess electricity into a microgrid network where others can buy it. It helps the environment, but also gives poor communities a new and plentiful source of income: the sun.

SOLshare’s now 117 solar grids have already helped more than 10,000 people in remote communities. They also reduce emissions by 30% and make money for its prosumers in real-time. Energy trading has boosted some household incomes by 25%.

They have also expanded to charge electric vehicles, opening their first 5 charging stations, and with the support of several Earthshot Prize Global Alliance Members they have expanded into rooftop solar with a pipeline north of 10MW.


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