Protect &
Restore Nature Finalist



Regenerating forests. Protecting wetlands. Rewilding grasslands. All over the world, people are striving to restore and conserve local ecosystems. However, restoring nature is challenging and can take many years to succeed.

Increasing transparency around ecosystem restoration efforts fosters collaboration, peer-to-peer learning, and trust, accelerating success and driving additional investment.

That’s why Dr. Thomas Crowther founded Restor, an online platform for everyone that’s pledged to conserve, protect, sustainably manage, and restore ecosystems.

Restor is like a Google Maps for nature. It connects nature champions with ecological data and monitoring tools, and builds networks between project implementers, funders, and the public. For the first time, major scientific datasets are at the fingertips of the champions working to restore nature, helping local knowledge fuel global change.

From wetland conservation to agroforestry to neighbourhood tree planting, Restor has already given a boost to thousands of green projects of all sizes. Since launching in 2021, it has brought together more than 125,000 restoration and conservation sites worldwide. And it is free for anyone to sign up.

A partnership with 2021 Earthshot Prize Winner Costa Rica promises to deliver greater transparency to the country’s conservation and restoration efforts. Details of Costa Rica’s payment program for ecosystem services projects will be published on Restor, making their commitments on forest loss and recovery traceable and accountable. The partnership has opened the door for similar conversations with two other South American countries.


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