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Build a Waste-Free World


Single-use plastic products replaced by Notpla's seaweed-based packaging


People have used WOTA BOX + WOSH to wash their hands or take showers


Tonnes of CO2e emissions avoided through adoption of Sanergy’s solutions

Featured Finalist Impact

Their Mission

Almost 400m tonnes of plastic are produced every year. Just 9 per cent of all the plastic ever produced has been recycled and 12 per cent has been incinerated. Notpla produces a substitute for plastic made from seaweed and plants. It is totally natural and entirely biodegradable and can be used to create a range of packaging products.

Use of Prize Money

Since winning The Earthshot Prize, Notpla has grown its team to keep up with demand. The company has invested some of the Prize money in R&D, such as a machine to create a rigid form of Notpla material: ‘Notpla Rigid’. It is developing its mass production capabilities to prepare for greater scale and to improve production efficiency as it forges new partnerships with larger companies.

Key Milestones

Notpla has replaced 4.4m units of plastic with Notpla products in 2023. Its packaging is the first and only material worldwide to have been recognised as being plastic-free under the European Single Use Plastics Directive. Commercial partnerships are growing in number too. The company is working with Bidfood UK, has partnered with Just Eat in Spain and Belgium and supplied products to dozens of sporting events.

Environmental and Social Impact

In 2023 Notpla replaced 4.4m single-use plastic units with Notpla products, double the total achieved in 2022. This means that in 2023 it displaced the equivalent of 8.5 tonnes of plastic waste and avoided 250 tonnes of CO2e emissions, double those avoided in 2022. As it has grown it has also expanded its team, creating 17 new green jobs.

Connections Made

The Earthshot Prize’s Global Alliance has supported in multiple ways. Deloitte, for instance, has jointly launched a project with Notpla to develop a strategy for their flexible packaging film. Bloomberg has become a customer of Notpla and featured the company on Bloomberg Philanthropies’ ‘Follow the Data’ podcast.

Herbert Smith Freehills, meanwhile, has provided pro bono legal support for the company’s pipeline of commercial agreements.

Finalist Highlights

Support and Connections

Global Alliance member Herbert Smith Freehills has provided legal support to WOTA to set up a memorandum of understanding with Antigua and Barbuda where they have set up a pilot project. Arup is also helping WOTA develop a deeper understanding of water issues globally.

The City of Amsterdam has received advice from Global Alliance member Arup on how best to develop and implement its circular economy strategy. Deloitte is helping them with data collection, while IKEA is helping engage residents

Key Milestones

In 2022 Sanergy completed its series C funding round which is helping fuel the company’s expansion in Kenya and beyond

WOTA is exploring opportunities to deploy its new water recycling system in the US, UK and Australia. It has secured funding in three municipalities in rural Japan to build its first test cases.

Phool has successfully implemented its ‘flowercycling’ model in five of the largest temple towns in India, doubling the floral waste being upcycled and employing more marginalised women.

Environmental and Social

Since becoming Finalists, the first two cohorts in the Build a Waste-Free World category have collectively removed, avoided or upcycled over 102,000 tonnes of waste and 3,200 tonnes of water. At the same time, they have avoided more than 30,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. By the end of 2023 more than 2.9 million people in Japan had used WOTA BOX + WOSH to wash their hands or take showers.

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